Our Services

Study Tour Planning & Operation

Study Tour Planning & Operation: SKYUS provides services for study abroad programs in California that offer high quality education, a great environment and amazing weather. SKYUS accomplishes this by planning, drafting, arranging and operating to meet the needs of our clients. These are educational institutions and local governments, mainly in Japan, other countries in Asia, around the world.

Sports Program

SKYUS provides a study abroad program for students from all over the world who aim to be professional golf or tennis players. Our program is practical and takes advantage of the perfect environment of Southern California. Our business promotes Southern California itself through our programs.

High School Pathway & Support Program

High schools in the U.S. provide students the opportunity to develop their creativity, imagination and logical thinking. By teaching individuality, they motivate students to think about who they are and gain a consciousness about the world and how they should live in it. SKYUS promotes study abroad programs for young learners from all over the world at high schools in California which provide a great environment. We support students with all of the services they may need: selecting the schools, administrative procedures, pre-English study, homestay arrangements, local support, guardian arrangements and counseling for future recruitment.

Education Consulting

By connecting the U.S., which offers excellent infrastructure and educational products, with schools or local governments from around the world, we introduce students to American educational products, such as curriculum, texts, materials, tests and so on. At the same time we also consult and support them in building academic partnerships or M&As with our local professional partners.

New Business and Service

In order to provide better support and service for each student and foreign educational institution, we are looking for new challenges and business possibilities every day.
We arrange reliable homestay families where clients can stay while are learning American culture. Our objective is to also spread excellent educational content and services to a new markets.


SKYUS has developed Business provide support to participants and host companies seeking to take advantage of the J-1 Visa Internship Program. Our experience and extensive networks in both Japan and the U.S. allow us to introduce and place highly qualified and competitive interns and trainees with businesses worldwide. At our offices in Japan, we introduce J-1 participants to intern/training opportunities at various prestigious host companies. At our offices in the U.S., our staff work around the clock to provide one-on-one support to host companies. In addition, we provide support to interns/trainees to ensure a smooth transition to the U.S.

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